Österreichisches Institut für Raumplanung

ÖIRÖIR is one of the leading European Regional Planning Development Institutes. The institute has in­tensely been engaged in analysis and policy design as well as dissemination activities related to urban and regional development on local, regional and national level. ÖIR has extensive working experience for the European Commission, dealing with regional and spatial development issues and project management at international level. European urban development and regional policy has been a major field many years, in the way of consultant work to the federal and regional govern­ments and also directly for the Commission. European spatial development has become an issue of increasing significance in the Institute’s work (ESPON, Territorial Co-operation, 6th&7th framework programmes). Sustainability and resource efficiency as theme in urban and regional development has been a field of research and consulting activities ever since the founding of the institute.

ÖIR was coordinating the FP7 research project SUME (Sustainable Urban Metabolism for Europe), the Urban Development Plan for Vienna (2005) and its evaluation (2010).  Further Smart Cities projects ÖIR led were ‘SmartCitiesNet’ (identifying Austrian research strategies for Smart Cities), ‘INSPIRED Regions’ (applying smart grid approaches to various regions) or ‘EISERN’ (Energy Invest­ment Strategies and long term Emission Reduction Needs).

Together with the City of Vienna ÖIR coordinates the Smart Urban Labs (WP4). Parallel to the TRANSFORM project ÖIR and the other Austrian partners are working on the break down of TRANSFORM results on the Viennese level in a national funded project called Transform+ .


Key Personnel

 Christof-Schremmer Christof Schremmer
Urban and Regional Development, Regional Economics, TRANSFORM WP4 Co-Leader (Organising Smart Urban Labs)
 Barbara Singeroy Barbara Saringer-Bory
Project Management and Project Development, Smart Cities
 Ursula-Mollay Ursula Mollay
Spatial Planning and Regional Development, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Gender Research


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