City of Vienna

ViennaVarious strategies and activities concerning energy and CO2 reduction are relevant in Vienna, thus making an important contribution towards attaining the EU 2020, 2030 and 2050 targets.
The Smart City Wien Framework Strategy serves as an “umbrella” with a more long-term design to support the individual strategies pursued by the different administrative units of the City of Vienna. Adopted by the city council in June 2014, the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy is based on sparing resource and energy use in order to massively reduce CO2 emissions and dependencies in connection with scarce and finite resources. It focuses on the intention of preserving and further evolving the city as a liveable, socially inclusive and dynamic space for future generations. Smart City Wien stands for a transformation based on social and technical innovation, active organization and, where necessary, the development of new forms of public and private service delivery. In addition to the main goals of 80% CO2 reduction per capita, 40% less energy consumption and 50% renewable energy sources a lot of complementary objectives are defined in the strategy.

Key Personnel

 Ina Homeier Ina Homeier-Mendes
Architect and Urban Planner, TRANSFORM WP4 Leader (Organising Smart Urban Labs)
 Stephan Hartmann Stephan Hartmann
 Junior Project Manager
 Pia Christina Hlava Pia Christina Hlava
Junior Project Manager, SUL Coordination
Volkmar Pamer
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