Hespul Association

hespulHespul is an internationally recognised not-for-profit organisation specialised in RUE and RES promotion through technical, educational and social activities. HESPUL have a long term experience with EC-funded (4th to 7th PCRD and IEE) and IEA (PVPS task 10) projects. Initially focused on grid-connected PV through ten EC-funded projects under the 4th, 5th and 6th RTD framework programmes and more recently the IEA PVPS task 10, Hespul’s activities now embrace all activities in the field of renewable energies and the rational use of energy.
Hespul’s field of action varies from the participation in grass-roots level, to lobbying policy-makers at regional, national and European level through active participation in working groups and professional federations. As the Energy Information Centre for the Rhone District, Hespul, with the support of the main public authorities in the region, is the contact point for over 400 000 inhabitants in the rural and semi-rural areas surrounding the conurbation of Lyon, and is actively supporting their in the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency actions and policies.

Activities of the company with respect to “smart city” topics

Hespul has been involved in more than twenty European Projects since 1993 and has been coordinator or partners for many PCRD, IEE and Altener projects, varying from the implementation of small scale grid-connected PV systems in early 90ies to the energy integrated approach at the district scale: SARA Eco-building project (2002-2005), CONCERTO – RENAISSANCE (2005-2012), Next- Buildings (2011- 2014). Hespul has developed from these highly significant field experiences a practical know-how concerning low-energy buildings (new and retrofitted) as well as in supporting local authorities with the design and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) and energy policies. Hespul is currently participating to two Smart Cities and Communities projects (TRANSFORM 2013-1015 and CITYZEN 2014-2019), as well as in several national project dealing with integrated energy planning. HESPUL is also well-recognised at both national and European levels for its expertise on photovoltaic systems and grid related issues as well as in several SMART grids projects (NEDO, GreenLys, EMPOWERING, etc.).


Key Personnel

  Benjamin Giron
Energy and Urban Planning Officer, TRANSFORM WP3 Co-Leader (Specifying a Transformation Agenda)
 Marc Jedliczka Marc Jedliczka
Senior Expert
Sylvain Koch-Mathian
 European programmes & Sustainable Urban Planning Consultant
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