Grand Lyon

LyonThe Metropolis of Lyon has embarked on the structuring of a “smart city” strategy in order to address the challenges facing urban areas (problems of congestion, deterioration in air quality, increasing scarcity of natural resources, in particular fossil fuels) and to make innovation one of the drivers of sustainable urban development.

The Metropolis of Lyon project combines economic dynamism and sustainable development: it involves finding new technological, urban, social and environmental solutions to improve the quality of life in the city and, in doing so, creating new jobs. The solutions developed are to allow the following:

  • saving of resources whether by optimising their use, by discovering new industrial processes or moreover by integrating new energy sources (solar, wind etc.)
  • a reduction in each individual’s energy costs
  • an improvement in the air quality in the agglomeration

The issue of well-being and quality of life lies at the heart of consideration, by means of the development of new services, in particular those for people for whom use of the city is less easy (the elderly or the disabled).

The smart city process of the Metropolis of Lyon is based on 4 foundations:

  • a global approach: energy, mobility, new services, economic development, environment, urban development
  • residents placed at the heart of the strategy with concrete projects and direct benefits put in place
  • a collaborative project involving the various stakeholders in the area: businesses, citizens, academic and industrial partners
  • trials at various territorial levels through to entire districts

Key Personnel

Béatrice Couturier
Sustainable Planning Project Manager, TRANSFORM WP2 Leader (Specifying a Transformation Agenda)
Flavia Barone
Energy Expert



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