City of Hamburg

HamburgIn 2007 Hamburg decided to play an active role regarding climate change. Hamburg’s target for 2020 is a reduction of 30% in CO2 emissions, aiming to substantially contribute to the national goal of 40% CO2 reduction by 2020 compared to 1990. Reducing the CO2 emissions until 2020 will have an effect of 2 million tons. By 2050, emissions of carbon dioxide may not exceed 4 million tons, which is a reduction of 80% compared to 1990.

The Hanseatic City of Hamburg already works towards climate protection and supports energy transition.The Master Climate Action Plan outlines both Hamburg’s strategic vision referring to the goals for 2020 and 2050 and a main contribution for a Smart City Strategy. The City of Hamburg is committed to advancing the energy transition in order to secure energy supply, economic efficiency and competitiveness.

Key personnel

 Ulf Dr. Ulf Skirke
Senior Scientific Officer, Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, TRANSFORM City Coordinator
 Logo TRANSFORM Thomas Littmann
Senior Consultant, Senate´s Chancellery
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