City of Copenhagen

CopenhagenCopenhagen is in the process of defining its smart city strategy and therefore has no comprehensive smart city strategy yet. Still, the City has worked over a longer period of time with a series of projects that constitute a good deal of the concrete smart city work. In November 2014, Copenhagen inaugurated the Copenhagen Solutions Lab (CSL). CSL is a new smart cities incubator and is to be a coordinating body between the City, citizens and stakeholders. The goal is to understand challenges better, identify solutions, develop new solutions and test them.
The key strategy envisioned to turn Copenhagen into a smart energy city is the Copenhagen Climate Plan, politically adopted in 2012. Copenhagen wants to be the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025. The plan is to primarily reach CO2-reductions from changes in energy production (74%), but also to make considerable reductions through greener mobilty (11%), reduced energy consumption (e.g. retrofitted buildings and new built of higher standard) (7%), and yet unknown new initiatives, which must deliver a small reduction (6%). Finally, the City’s own initiatives must deliver CO2-reductions too (2%).

A smart city strategy for the entire City (focusing not only on energy-related themes) is currently in the making. Expectations are that increasingly, a more ambitious use of data, ICT and new technology will accelerate initiatives and the implementation power of carbon reduction goals alongside a series of other smart city benefits.

Key Personnel

 Elisabeth Kongsmark Elisabeth Kongsmark
Senior Advisor, TRANSFORM City Coordinator
 hans christian christiansen Hans Christian Christiansen
Senior Advisor, TRANSFORM WP1 Leader (Defining a Smart Energy City)
 Else Kloppenborg Else Kloppenborg
Senior Advisor
 Tina Hjollund Tina Hjøllund
Senior Project manager





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