City of Genoa

GenoaGenoa signed the Covenant of Mayors in 2009 and, one of the first in Italy, submitted its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) in in 2010, setting the 202020 goal at -23.7% GHG emissions through eighty actions with indication of actors, costs and timeline.
SEAP, a thorough and extensive document, set a milestone in the Smart City strategy paving the way for an innovative and integrated planning process. Starting from the 2005 “Baseline Emission Inventory” (BEI) showing energy consumption flows and CO 2, improvement actions in buildings, transport, energy production, lighting, awareness and integrated planning were found and their implementation is constantly monitored following guidelines.

Genoa aims to become a smart city, improving quality of life through sustainable economic development based on research and innovation and led by the local government in a process of integrated planning. It started a transformation process tin 2010, creating the Genova Smart City Association AGSC ( ) involving over ninety members among institutions, research, business and civil society to include:

  • citizen`s needs
  • political vision & strategic planning
  • academia`s creativity
  • businesses`marketing strategies
  • job creation opportunities
  • regulatory systems
  • funding opportunities

Thanks to the Genoa Smart City Association the City is becoming a fervent and productive ground where intelligence is applied to planning and actions, in a collaborative and positive environment supported by stakeholders and networks. AGSC juxtaposes needs, strategies, technologies, funding, legal framework, finding the right slot for each project in Energy, Smart Building, Smart Mobility and Smart Port

Key Personnel

 Gloria Piaggio Gloria Piaggio
Head of European Projects, Coordinator of Genoa Smart City, TRANSFORM WP5 Leader (Sharing Knowledge and Communication)
 Mirella Marrazzo Mirella Marrazzo
Administrative Officer
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