City of Amsterdam

AmsterdamThe transitional area of sustainable energy features two primary objectives: that by 2020, 20% more sustainable energy will be generated per citizen than in 2013 and that the total amount of energy used will be reduced by 20%. The City of Amsterdam plans to increase the amount of sustainable energy generated by implementing the Wind Vision and Sun Vision (both decreed by the city council in 2013). The municipality will also facilitate connecting more houses to district heating systems, as outlined in the Heating Plan (to be drafted).
In order to reduce energy usage, agreements will be reached with housing corporations regarding making houses greener. The City of Amsterdam also plans to assist the realisation of houses without energy bills (so-called ‘Zero on the Meter Houses’) as part of efforts to accelerate sustainability in the construction industry. Agreements will be made with business owners regarding the introduction of greener operational practices. During the current council term, work will also be conducted to ensure that both existing and new schools benefit from a healthy indoor climate. Energy neutrality in new housing developments will be stimulated by including this in selection criteria during tenders.

TRANSFORM is highly valuable for Amsterdam. The collaboration between the 19 partners and having six cities as test labs brings to life a new philosophy. It’s a philosophy in which transition is a continuous condition and in which city administrations are being challenged to be adaptive, innovative and open and at the same time to be a trustworthy partner, now and in the long term. Moreover, TRANSFORM is a mirror – giving us continuous reflections on the work and process of transition. Understanding how other cities and organizations perform, inspires Amsterdam to adjust or to invent policies and ways of work. An example that shows this is the way the Amsterdam approach to renewable heating and cooling was influenced by how all TRANSFORM cities coop with it, to a more open and multi sourced system.
Besides this TRANSFORM’s contribution is used to test a development methodology for raising district oriented approaches, or Light House projects so to speak.
Finally TRANSFORM brings extra focus, urgency and capacity. Pushing forward Amsterdam on its journey to become smarter.


Amsterdam is the Coordinator of the project and ensures the overall management, coordination, the communication between partners, with the Commission and the communication of the overall project. At the same time Amsterdam ensures the validation of the results by an international advisory board.

Key Personnel

Ronald van Warmerdam Ronald van Warmerdam
Senior Project Manager, TRANSFORM Project Coordinator (Managing the Project)
Bob Mantel Bob Mantel
Urban Designer, TRANSFORM City Coordinator
Corry Dekker Corry Dekker
TRANSFORM City and Financial Coordinator (Managing the Project)
Geertje Wijten Geertje Wijten
Urban Planner, TRANSFORM Project Assistant
Geert den Boogert Geert den Boogert
Urban Designer, TRANSFORM Datacollector
Laura Hakvoort Laura Hakvoort
Urban Designer, TRANSFORM Energy Atlas and Decision Support Tool
Karolina Dvorakova
Intern, TRANSFORM Assistant Coordinator
Iris Kramer
Intern, TRANSFORM Assistant Coordinator
Carolien Vlaar
Intern, TRANSFORM Assistant Coordinator
Nikander Nikander Hartemin
Intern, TRANSFORM Assistent Coordinator
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