Download – Specifying a Transformation Agenda

6-Hamburg-end-meeting-BasKohlertOn this page you may find results of TRANSFORM program regarding the Transformation Agendas of cities.

Within this work package a qualitative decision support model (called Generic Transformation Agenda), including a set of integrated processes detailing how cities can shift from current planning practices towards an Smart Energy City. Moreover, each of the TRANSFORM cities developed its own Transformation Agenda.

How to…

Generic Transformation Agenda (Quantitative Decision Support Tool): The Generic Transformation Agenda supports cities and decision makers striving towards integrated energy planning. It summarizes the experiences and invites other cities to use this Generic Transformation Agenda to develop their specific City Transformation Agenda.

Results general

Low-Carbon Mobility Report: The increased demand for urban mobility has created a situation which is not sustainable; cities face congestion, poor air quality or high level of noise. This report examines the low-carbon mobility measures within the context of TRANSFORM.

Smart Grids and Enabling Infrastructures report: What are smart grids and how they were analysed in TRANSFORM cities?

Integrated planning report: By integrated planning we generally mean a linking moment of vision, priorities, regulations in a flexible system of evaluation, decision-making and action. Read more in the report.

Results per city

Transformation Agenda (TA): Each city has its own needs and its own given situation in relation to the status of the existing energy plan and the ambitions of the city. Such distinctions are visible in the different Transformation Agendas developed in the TRANSFORM program.

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