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22-Hamburg-end-meeting-BasKohlertWithin TRANSFORM program a web based tool providing the relevant stakeholders in cities with information facilitating informed decision making was developed and called Decision Support Environment. In its essence, the DSE supports the planning and implementation processes in cities on the way to reaching the cities’ or district’s carbon reduction and energy saving targets. The information, as provided by the tool, will support stakeholders in their decision making and communication processes related to the setting and implementation of most effective measures, their locations and timeframes, required for their implementation. The DSE tool is being further developed by Accenture and Macomi, as you can find on the DSE website.


Prototype Quantitative Decision Support Model: Description of Decision Support Environment (DSE) itself. The document contains all the developed documentation material, describing the process and methodology of the DSE development and all relevant technical components, including step by step guidance through the DSE functionalities.

Guidance for Replicable Use of the Model: The is giving advice to cities which want to adopt the DSE in order to be able to use it in the future. The structure of the document is set up in the form of Guidebook, which can be used together or separately, depending on the type of audience interested in the DSE.

How to operate

DSE Deployment Guide: This document is the technical description (“Deployment Guide”) for the TRANSFORM DSE. It describes the hard- and software requirements to get the system up and running.

Booklets, Brochures

Webinar TRANSFORM: In March 2015 TRANSFORM went global at Accenture webinar, which was attended by 150 people from 40 countries (see blog post)

TRANSFORM Open Data Booklet: If you want to consume in an eco-friendly way you want to know how stuff is made, where it comes from and what it contains. If you want to live in an ecofriendly way you need to know what the impact of your behavior is. If society wants to build eco-friendly cities we need to know the impact of city design decisions. Do you want to find out more thoughts about this topic? Read the Open Data Booklet.

REAL CORP 2014 article about DSE: The article of Work Package 3 to REAL CORP 2014 called “The TRANSFORM DSE – an interactive decision support environment for serving smart city strategy development and local measure implementation”.

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