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The Decision Support Environment is developed by Accenture, Macomi and AIT. For more information about the DSE and to find out what it can do for your city, please contact:

Joost Brinkman (Lead Sustainability, Accenture Benelux):

Ivo Wenzler (Senior Principal, Accenture NL):

Daiva Walangitang (Researcher, AIT):

Jan Peters-Anders (Engineer, AIT):

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Within the Transform program, an online integrated urban energy planning tool, the Decision Support Environment (DSE) was developed that supports cities by providing quantitative insights on possible sustainability measures that can be taken and implemented.

Click here for the latest version of the DSE! (Please use “dev” as your username and password)

What is the DSE? 
The DSE utilizes city data and analytics to calculate the impact of multiple low carbon measures on CO2 emissions (such as district heating and retrofitting), energy consumption, renewable energy systems and costs. Through data, measures, targets and locations, the city is able to simulate multiple scenarios, completely customized to their areas of interest and targets. The aim of the DSE is to support private and public stakeholders, involved in urban planning, to go through a transparent and structured decision making process.

Value of the DSE
The DSE serves as a common platform where ideas and proposals can be exchanged and analyzed in a transparent way. The security of the uploaded city data can be customized. It can range from the data being fully open, allowing access for everyone, to being completely secured. The Decision Support Environment aims to contribute to the EU 2020 targets, and hence there are the key KPIs to analyze impact of possible sustainability measures for a city in the DSE. The Decision Support Environment will help achieve your city’s sustainability goals!

What do you need to get started? 
Access to city data is a necessity to use the DSE. More information about the data required can be found in the Transform Open Data Booklet. The prototype of the DSE was delivered at the end of February 2015.  This is the official EU-deliverable and can be found via this link. Please use “demo” as your username and password. The city of Amsterdam, Accenture and Macomi are currently improving the prototype and adding new functionalities,  this version will be hosted by the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and can be found here. Please use “dev” as your username and password and the Transform DSE one page tutorial.

Deliverables & Supporting Documents

More documents can be found in the download section. Or see the video about the DSE tool.

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