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TRANSFORM Cartoonist Live!


Bas Kohler with his unique position as ‘Transformcartoonist’ has been present at many events of TRANSFORM during the duration of the project. And of course he couldn’t miss the final event of TRANSFORM either!

During the whole Smart City Event, Bas presented at all of the TRANSFORM  sessions and presentations and he was capturing these unique moments in cartoons. Each day, twice a day, these cartoons were presented by Bas at the TRANSFORM stand.

If you want to know more about Bas’ TRANSFORM experience, check his blog on our website. You may also find more information about his work at or on TRANSFORM Handbook at

Metropolitan Solutions, Berlin, 20-22 May 2015

metropolitan solutions

In 2015 Metropolitan Solutions relocates to Berlin, where it will rank as the world’s largest combined congress and trade fair for smart cities. This delivers decisive benefits for visitors. For the first time, all the relevant issues confronting cities will be on the agenda at 12 high-profile international conferences. The exhibition forms an integral part of this event.

Metropolitan Solutions offers innovators an excellent chance to establish contact with an international audience – e.g. in the areas of urban mobility, energy supply, water supply/quality, building installations and urban safety/security.

See more at:

Amsterdam wins City Climate Leadership Award 2014

amsterdam-web-300pxTRANSFORM would like to congratulate Amsterdam with winning the City Climate Leadership Award.

Siemens and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) announced the winners of the City Climate Leadership Awards 2014 at a ceremony held on Monday night the 22th of September in New York City. The Awards honor cities all over the world for excellence in urban sustainability and leadership in the fight against climate change. The winning cities in the ten award categories are:

  • Amsterdam (Finance & Economic Development)
  • Barcelona (Intelligent City Infrastructure)
  • Buenos Aires (Solid Waste Management)
  • London (Carbon Measurement & Planning and Air Quality)
  • Melbourne (Adaptation & Resilience)
  • New York City (Energy Efficient Built Environment)
  • Portland (Sustainable Communities)
  • Seoul (Green Energy)
  • Shenzhen (Urban Transportation)

To read the whole press release you can download the following PDF file.2014 City Climate Leadership Awards Press Release 

For more information about the categories and all the finalists can be found on this website.


TRANSFORMation Dialogue @ Genoa

In collaboration with the City of Hamburg is the City of Genoa have organized, on June 17th and 18th, a “TRANSFORMation dialogue”, to inspire a high level discussion about the strategic planning of a Smart City. This took place during the Smart Week Genoa (16th-20 June) which included a number of interesting activities analyzing the topic under several viewpoints.

Highlights of the event were several children of Genoa presenting their vision of a smart energy city, the workshop where eight key points (PESTLEGS) were discussed and the vision of the advisory board on a smart energy city and TRANSFORM. Moreover, a great exchange of knowledge of several projects has taken place during these days.

Lastly, the locations, food and coffee organized by the city of Genoa, were absolutely great!


Smart City and Mobility

The Smart City Mobility Event on the 14th of May in Amsterdam demonstrated a variety of e-mobility products, initiatives, programs and cooperation schemes. In this blog the highlights of numerous interesting items that were showcased.

Copenhagen Wheel, a great initiative.
mobility1The Copenhagen Senseable City Lab (supported by MIT) demonstrated an innovative concept: the Copenhagen Wheel. The Copenhagen Wheel turns your bike (you already own) into an electric bike with regeneration and real-time environmental sensing capabilities. As you would expect from a  concept named after Copenhagen; it is not only functional, but  also has a very sleek design.

Clean City Alliance; the future of European public e-mobility?
Mobility2The Clean City Alliance is taking important steps to initiate public transport e-mobility. The enterprises of Schunk, Heliox and Alliander Mobility Services have initiated a program that aims to rapidly boost low carbon (electrical) public transportation, mainly busses. The great thing about this program is that “ultra-quick charging” will take place at bus stops: mitigating the problem of a large and costly battery. The charger infrastructure will be pay-per-charge, in accordance with the energy provider. The initiative will start running this fall.

Who will own car-data?
Carlo van der Weijer, director Smart Mobilty of the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, gave his insight on the future of mobility. He explained that the large volume of data collected by modern cars (currently possessing more technology then a Boeing-747…) arises questions over data-ownership. He foresees a future where fuel-providers will offer price reduction (or even free-services) in exchange for car data. This concept is very similar to the way we use Google and Facebook; a “free” service in return for personal data.

Best practices: Aggressive EV policies in Norway.
Mobility3In terms of best practices Ingvild Kilen Rorholt (from NGO Zero Emission Resource Organization) demonstrated how Norway’s aggressive Electric Vehicle (EV) policies have restructured the mobility landscape of Norway (especially Oslo). The country now possess over 28.000 EV’s (more than 1 of every 100 registered passenger cars), and numbers are monthly increasing by 1500 sold EVs. The great success behind e-mobility in Norway are the incentives provided by the state: no sales tax, no vat, no road tax, free public parking, bus line access, free charging, free ferries, low company car tax and no toll road.

European Cooperation is the Key.
Mobility4In the light of European e-mobility Karl Heinz Posch from EPOMM (European Platform on Mobility Management) further stressed that the role of the European cooperation is important to find smart mobility solutions. His organization acts a platform between EU cities; supporting mobility management exchange and learning between European countries. Giving his personal opinion, Posch argues that in European cities there is still too much focus on cars in general. They stand still 23 hours a day and occupy 83% of public space. He therefore argues that the focus on  EVs does not necessarily have a positive impact. EV and carsharing like the electrical Car2Go initiative, solves two issues at once.  According to Posch the future lies with e-bikes; with its market share is annually growing (10% market share of total bicycle market in EU).

Tjalling BergsmaJoost Brinkman
Joost Brinkman & Tjalling Bergsma



TRANSFORM and the Metropolitan Solutions Conference in Hannover

Mr Oettinger,  DG of Energy of the EC and Joost Brinkman, Accenture

Günther Oettinger, DG of Energy of the EC and Joost Brinkman, Accenture

TRANSFORM had the honor to present our project, its partners and the approach towards Low Carbon Energy Cities at the  “Metropolitan Solutions” conference in Hannover. 

Although the stand was small,  with the “Vienna”-poster and a short movie of the DSE, the marketing was very effective.  Mr Oettinger (DG Energy) was very interested and welcomed the cooperation of six cities on the important subject of transformation.  Besides the information at the stand the project was presented at a plenary session.

TRANSFORM and Singapore

fotoOn April 1st,  Bob Mantel and Ivo Wenzler presented the Transform project and the Decision Support Environment tool to a delegation from Singapore.  

The delegation, headed by the CEO of the Housing Developing Board  (80% of all houses are owned by HDB..),  visited Amsterdam Smart City for two days.   The Transform project was placed solid at the agenda and although there are clear differences between Singapore and European countries,  Smart Energy planning is also a hot topic in Singapore.  The discussion was fruitful and the learning from Transform and the prototype of the Decision Support Environment were highly valuated by the delegation.

Will Transform go Global?  We will know by the end of the project!

Joost BrinkmanJoost Brinkman
Lead Sustainability
Accenture Benelux


CORP Conference 2014

REAL CORP 2014REAL CORP 2014 will take place in Vienna from 21-23 May 2014. The theme for this year is ‘PLAN IT SMART! Clever Solutions for Smart Cities’.

REAL CORP is a prestigious international conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society. The conference will be held for the 19th time this year. REAL CORP conferences are highly interdisciplinary and actively aim to bring together hundreds of experts from around the world. Participants come from the public and private sectors as well as research.

Wolfgang Loibl together with the Work Package 3 team wrote an article for REAL CORP 2014 called “The TRANSFORM DSE – an interactive decision support environment for serving smart city strategy development and local measure implementation”. You may read the article here.