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Gloria Piaggio (City of Genoa) :


Work Package 5 ensures that the main outcomes will be replicable for other European cities. This will be done by a interactive smart energy city handbook including all significant information. The handbook will include:

– Definition of Smart Energy City with main Key Performance Indicators for the Smart Energy City;
– Proven qualitative models, including governance models, financial and business models, stakeholder processes;
– Insight in the support of decision making by new forms of analysis of quantitative data, real time data and how to collect these data;
– Step-to-Step guidance for cities to make their own Transformation Agenda’s and Implementation Plans;
– Experiences and best practices derived from the Smart Urban Labs.

Work Package 5 also ensures the correct dissemination of all products to relevant stakeholders in Europe. Exploitation makes sure that the results of the project will be commercialized by the industrial partners.

Finally promotes Work Package 5 the continuation of activities beyond project duration.

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