About the program

About the Program




TRANSFORM is / was…

A European collaboration of six European Cities including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Genoa, Hamburg, Vienna and Lyon and thirteen partners working together to improve their policy and programs to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

TRANSFORM developed…

Several tools, methods, instructions and formats to support energy transition in our cities, which were designed and tested. We hope that the results might be useful for your city and stakeholders.

The work done in TRANSFORM was divided into six Work Packages, or “Sub-projects”:

  1. Defining a Smart Energy City
  2. Specifying a Transformation Agenda
  3. Developing a Decision Support Tool
  4. Organizing Smart Urban Labs
  5. Sharing knowledge and Communication
  6. Managing the Project

TRANSFORM found out…

That it is challenging to design and build tools to support energy transition of cities. Moreover, together with the tools and methods we developed, it is far from easy to change an existing city to low carbon if it comes to energy use and production.

We learned that energy transformation is a complex process with many stakeholders, huge financial investments, legal, political, societal, organizational constraints. Transformation influences the life of citizens, politicians and businesses.

TRANSFORM supports…

Local stakeholders, responsible for investments and policy decisions, to turn their CO2 ambitions into a Transformation Agenda or into an Implementation Plan, plans focusing on both the strategic and long term horizon.

The aim is to design executable actions and projects. These plans should take into account all relevant energy flows, quality of buildings, environmental aspects, urban mobility, water and waste, ICT, big users etc.

TRANSFORM follows…

The EU ambition and energy targets:

  • 20% lower carbon emissions
  • 20% of energy from renewables
  • 20% increase in energy efficiency


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