Transforming Amsterdam’s Smart Energy Mix

Nestled in the southwest of Amsterdam sits one of the most advanced stadiums in the world. The ArenA stadium, when opened in 1996, was placed  in the middle of one of the city’s most disadvantaged areas–Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Through a huge urban renewal programme which began in the 1990s and 2000s the area now features a successful mix of office, retail, residential and industry. The district at large has further developed its smart city status and skills by becoming a smart urban lab where it is helping transform the city into a low-carbon and smart energy city.

Capture3Amsterdam is one of six cities that form the European Commission in TRANSFORM project. Together with Copenhagen, Genoa, Hamburg, Lyon and  Vienna , Amsterdam has worked, since the start of 2013,  alongside 13 private sector partners and knowledge institutions  that have made up the consortium. The consortium aims to help the cities achieve their energy and climate targets–in particular the EU 20-20-20 energy targets of lowering carbon emissions by 20 percent, increasing renewable energy sources by 20 percent and increasing energy efficiency by 20 percent.

Click HERE to read the full article, as appeared on cities-today. Find out about the development of the TRANSFROM tool, that helps cities in their decision making processes towards becoming a smart city and read about the key outcomes of the TRANSFORM Project in Amsterdam.



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