TRANSFORM Masterclass Copenhagen – Sharing knowledge and setting the example

On Wednesday, April 29th, the City of Copenhagen hosted a TRANSFORM Masterclass, inviting green cities in Denmark to share knowledge and discuss the concept of Smart Energy City.

IMG_1477The EU project ‘TRANSFORM’ has given Copenhagen a unique insight into how we, as different countries and cities, can work with Smart Energy City as a tool for realizing EU’s 20-20-20 targets. Project results shared between the different TRANSFORM cities make a foundation for how we collectively can move towards becoming greener, smarter cities holding a more sustainable future.

At the City of Copenhagen we want to share the work on smart energy city, not only with other countries, but also with the rest of Denmark. With this in mind, we invited representatives from Albertslund and Allerød, two relatively small Danish municipalities who are also Green Cities, for a TRANSFORM Masterclass centering on sharing our experiences from the TRANSFORM project and discussing the possibility of using Smart City as a tool for their own development.

The Masterclass, hosted on a small ferry in the harbour of Copenhagen, outlooking the first Danish building to be sustainably licensed with Svanemærket (The Nordic Ecolabel), gave the two participating cities a unique chance to learn more about Copenhagen’s work on TRANSFORM and the Smart City-concept, while exchanging their own experiences, successes and challenges.

The day started off with a presentation of the TRANSFORM project and some of its central focuses, such as governance and smart data as means to becoming a ‘smart energy city’. This laid the basis for the rest of the day, where the two cities were presented with different presentations on topics such as:

  • Smart city in Copenhagen
  • The Copenhagen Climate Plan
  • Developer dialogue within sustainable city development
  • Smart energy – case examples from TRANSFORM and Energy Lab Nordhavn

All topics were discussed among the participants and presenters of the day, who included representatives from the City of Copenhagen, HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility) and DTU (Technical University of Denmark). This led to a discussion of the success and challenges Albertslund and Allerød face within Smart Energy City.

IMG_1473The most important lesson of the day seemed to be, that even though municipalities differ in size and approach they face a lot of the same challenges. For instance, we learned that all three cities wanted to become better at involving partners, creating green citizens, documenting the effects of sustainable strategies and integrating policymakers in our work.

All three cities agreed that the Masterclass contributed with important learning and reflections upon different ways of working with Smart Energy City. The experiences from Albertslund and Allerød confirmed Copenhagen’s own challenges of working with Smart Energy City. Importantly, both cities pointed out that Copenhagen was ‘setting the example’ by sharing their experiences on the work within Smart Energy City, thereby making it easier for the smaller cities to follow suit.

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