TRANSFORM Masterclass in Genoa

On May 5th, at the Biblioteca Berio’s Sala dei Chierici, in Genoa, a Masterclass devoted to the European Project TRANSFORM – TRANSFORMation Agenda for Low Carbon Cities was held.

IMG_4351 The project, to which Genoa took part together with Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Wien and Lyon, aimed to identify a method toward the trasformation of the city in a Smart City, also through the compilation of a Handbook, an interactive tool useful in understanding the possibilities and difficulties of the process.

All the interested Italian cities who have already began the process of transformation into Smart Cities had been invited to the Masterclass. The methodologies developed and the “best practices” learned during the process were be illustrated through concrete examples and interactive workshops.

Genoa’s Smart City Alderman, Emanuele Piazza, and the President of the National Smart City Observatory, Francesco Profumo, will be present, together with representatives from the University of Genoa, ENEL and IRE.

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