Amsterdam Sustainable Agenda

The Amsterdam College of Mayor and Alderpersons has outlined new plans to increase the pace of improving sustainability in the Dutch capital.


As part of the new motion, the number of households using locally-generated sustainable electricity needs to have increased by at least 92,000 by 2020. Concrete plans have been drawn up for energy saving efforts and accelerating the process of connecting existing houses to district heating systems. The construction market will be challenged to build greener properties. Air quality in the city will be improved through continued efforts to encourage the use of electric transport, by stimulating smart distribution processes and extending low emission zones to include more types of vehicles. During the current council term, work will be conducted at 111 schools to make them greener and healthier places to work. These measures are outlined in the Sustainability Agenda (Agenda Duurzaamheid), agreed upon by the city council on 11 March 2015.

Amsterdam embraces the notion of a circular economy and is keen to become an attractive location for innovative companies to set up shop: businesses with production processes that only produce useful raw materials instead of waste. In implementing the plans, the College will focus primarily on initiatives and projects that can be quickly rolled out on a larger scale. Alderperson for Sustainability Abdeluheb Choho: “Amsterdam is constantly growing and as such, we need to ensure that the city becomes stronger, healthier and more liveable. We’re looking to take the lead from Amsterdammers, organisations and businesses that are already demonstrating that sustainability has both financial and social benefits.” The College also envisages rapidly improving sustainability within the municipal organisation itself.

The Sustainability Agenda was agreed upon by the city council on 11 March 2015.

If you seek for more information about the Sustainable Agenda, click here or on the website of City of Amsterdam (in Dutch). You may also download the English version of the Sustainable Agenda of Amsterdam from TRANSFORM website under Downloads.

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