This title is the ambition of the people working behind the EU project: TRANSFORM.

It sounds so well due to several reasons: first of all it represents the motivation of the professionals working in this project from all TRANSFORM Cities, and secondly because transforming alone is not enough. The challenge is to transform together to make a true imSlide1pact that is needed to transform towards a low carbon economy.

Imagine this title as a reality, in a headline of an article in the newspapers of specialist magazine. Isn’t it great? It will draw smiles on the TRANSFORMERS faces. It will do, because this program required a lot of work for more than 2 years.

TRANSFORM chases a big and good cause; We want to transform cities into low carbon energy cities. We want to build a better future.

The TRANSFORM Program went global at an Accenture webinar attended by 150 people from 40 countries, all of them interested in the program and willingness to learn what is THE SMART WAY TO BECOME A LOW CARBON ENERGY CITY. The presentation used during this meeting, which is available in this link.

The webinar contained the following elements:

  • The global context showing that sustainability is a necessity and on the agenda of governments, cities, media and communities worldwide.
  • An introduction about the structure and workstreams of the program
  • The functioning of the tool that has been developed for smart energy planning and is called “Decision Support Environment” (DSE). The Smart Urban Labs in Amsterdam Zuid Oost where the DSE has been applied.

The TRANSFORM program, its approach and the DSE were valued, and participants saw opportunities to use them in other cities. The discussions afterwards gave a good basis for further transformation!

We are not only dreaming with the possibility of transforming things. We are doing something better… we are working on it.

Joost Brinkman
Joost Brinkman
Lead sustainability Services Benelux

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