We have a challenge

Since 2013, TRANSFORM cities are working to apply the TRANSFORM approach to become Smart Energy Cities.

TP energy mixThe infographic we made tries to show what Transform goals are, and what the challenges of each Transform City in terms of Energy Usage.

The goal of the TRANSFORM program is to reduce CO2 emissions, increase the sustainable energy productions and raise energy efficiency.

The graph is based on Transform Cities baseline reports prepared in 2013 as part of the Smart Energy Cities, KPI’s definitions, that you can see here.

This baselines from Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Genoa, Hamburg, Lyon and Vienna are from different years and also, the content are very different one from another.

This is the reaason why the Transformation’s  agenda of the cities are different, and also, why there is no magic recipe to develop a low carbon transformation agenda.

The graph sows the energy mix of electricity production of the Transform cities and it tells two stories:

  1. The division of electricity sources.
  2. The sustainable climate status of each of the cities.

The graph shows the baseline of each city and that most of our cities still rely on Coal, Gas and Nuclear for electricity production. We need to speed up production from renewables to reach our goals.

Like you understand our challenge is big, and if you are interested in the whole baseline report feel free to download it.

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