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heatincity-def-web-3In the light of climate change, but also the densification and expansion of cities, the microclimate in cities is expected to deteriorate. Cities will have increasing problems to cope with water excess and extreme heat and draught. The research project Urban Climate Design Engineering is focussing on means to control and improve the urban microclimate.

Infographic design by Studio Lakmoes http://www.studiolakmoes.nl

The applicability for the Dutch urban contexts is studied by simulating the effects of adaptation measures on thermal comfort and through design studies. Adaptation measures you can think of is additional green and water, especially a combination of the two, apply shading devices for indoor and outdoor spaces, use roof and façade surfaces for green, water and energy production.

The aim is to develop design guidelines for the most common neighbourhood typologies. There is, for example, a great difference between the effectiveness of additional trees in a so-called ‘garden city’ or in an historical city centre where trees are scarce.

For more information please contact Laura Kleerekoper or click here (website) or here (academic publication).
Laura Kleerekoper
PhD – candidate, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft

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