Can we start really living smart already?!

Data en tooling LauraLike any city, Amsterdam has a CO2 reduction ambition. We know that we cannot do this by ourselves. So we share what we know with others, to facilitate others to also take action on their energy system.

The city made the energy atlas and decided to make an application on it to make the information in the atlas more accessible to others. The application should use its own data, and use data from others. We found out the city and its users produce soooo much data! There is so much to choose from: How much garbage do we produce? Where do people ask for taxis? What are the most used taxi routes? When and where do people use WIFI? How much energy do we use and when? How much renewable energy do we produce?

Our search showed us that many companies already have their own tool or application to optimize their own business based on data. A world of tooling and apps opened up to us. We discovered that all sorts of energy data is already linked with information on weather predictions, traffic, etc. And we saw that the municipality is lagging behind!

Questions that could help us act smarter if we combine the answers the city already produces individually! We could use energy when there is a surplus. The city could pick up garbage when it is needed, not on the set day. How does the weather affect our behaviour (staying or going, choice of modality, choice of route, etc.) in the city? As a spatial planning department we should ask ourselves: Is this something we can act/design on? And how should we do that?

So the question arises: How can we become really smart and start combining each other’s findings and conclusion?!

Everyone tries to be smart for themselves, but could not we be even smarter together!?

Laura Hakvoort
Laura Hakvoort
Energy Atlas and Decision Support Tool
City of Amsterdam

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