Energy Atlas of Amsterdam online


Last Thursday morning (17th April 2014), the Energy Atlas of the city of Amsterdam went online. The site was a direct hit, with around 10,000 clicks on the first day and publications in newspapers! 

All data thinkable on energy in Amsterdam will be available as open data. You can find the maps and data on the website: (scroll down for the specific maps on energy). Or directly check out the map with information on the city’s gas and electricity consumption:

With this large stock of information on energy consumption and energy potential in Amsterdam, the city enables stakeholders in their city to act on energy savings or on energy renewables.

The high level of details enables stakeholders to check out their environment and search for relevant collaborations to start new initiatives.

The city hopes citizens and stakeholders will start thinking about their energy consumption. And hopes that stakeholders will set some big steps towards innovative energy systems.

Check out more on The English version of the atlas can also be found here.

Laura Hakvoort
Laura Hakvoort,
City of Amsterdam

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