The TRANSFORM Serious Game

Who does not like a game? The TRANSFORM serious game is waiting for fun and enthusiastic players.

Serious Game

Games are fun, but the Transform serious game is more than a game. It is an interactive session that simulates the decision making process for smart energy solutions supported by the decision support tool (WP3). By playing the game, players experience how the decision support tool contributes to a transparent and collaborative decision making process. The game aims to help stakeholders to get a better understanding of each stakeholder’s goals, power and interests, as well as the enabling factors of each measure. How does the game work? Every five players form a group, a city, and will be given different stakeholder roles, which have their own means to reach their energy targets. They can make decisions to transform their city into a smart energy city. They will compete with other cities (groups) to be rewarded as the most “green” city. Currently, two versions of the game are in development: an online version which is supported by the decision support tool and an offline card version.

Currently, the serious game is in its final test phase: the card game has been tested with our colleagues in Amsterdam and students at the Delft University of Technology. However, as we would like to involve more people in the development of the game, we are looking for new players who are interested in sustainability or urban planning.

For more information or if you would like to try the card game, please contact Vi Nguyen (

Vi Nguyen
Vi Nguyen

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