The city of Lyon models the effect of refurbishment and smart buildings on the CO2 emissions and energy consumption

lyon_part_dieu_centre_commercial_21In Lyon’s dynamic and happening district Part Dieu, a smart challenge is being prepared. As being part of their sustainability agenda, Lyon aims to double the district area with unchanged energy consumption. How to achieve this? By building smart buildings and refurbish existing ones.

Lyon has already made calculations on what buildings to refurbish and to what level and the target energy levels of new smart buildings. However, by using the Decision Support Tool, Lyon aims to check their decisions on the right level of refurbishment, analyze the effect on CO2 emissions and the optimal energy mix for heating and cooling. By uploading real city data, Lyon is able analyze the expected effect of the measure in geographical maps, compare the effect with KPI’s of other cities, and playing with different scenarios like changing energy prices.

Currently, Lyon and Transform are designing the measure structure to model the measure into the tool. Simultaneously, Lyon is collecting the necessary city data for the measure to upload into the tool.

For more information, please contact Judith Hurkx (

Judith Hurkx
Strategy Consultant / Commercial & Pricing Analyst


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