The effect of solar panels on CO2  emissions by the Decision Support Tool

Amsterdam analyses the effect of solar panels on CO2 emissions, costs and energy consumption by the Decision Support Tool.

solar-power1-1024x665Several solar panel projects have been implemented in the city already, but what Amsterdam aims for is a dynamic model that calculates the effect of solar panels if implemented now and in the future. In the innovative world of solar panels, prices are decreasing, panel efficiencies are improving substantially and subsidies are varying. Amsterdam is currently designing this dynamic measure in the Decision Support Tool.

By uploading real city data the Decision Support Tool will be able to analyze the expected effect of solar panel implementation on selected KPIs in functional maps and time graphs and compare the effect with (green) energy performances of other cities, CO2 emissions and naturally investment costs.

As Amsterdam aims to implement solar panel projects in multiple city districts, the tool enables Amsterdam to vary with different geographic areas and penetration rates easily by selecting the right area on the map.

Currently, Amsterdam and Transform are uploading the necessary data into the tool, followed by the modelling of the measure structure. After that, the solar panel model in the tool is ready to use.

For more information, please contact Judith Hurkx ( or Laura Hakvoort (

Judith Hurkx
Strategy Consultant / Commercial & Pricing Analyst


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