Cartoon: Bas Kohler

Cartoon: Bas Kohler

TRANSFORM is about…
The possibilities to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in cities, in order to realize the local and EU targets; 20% lower carbon emissions, 20% of energy from renewables and 20% increase in energy efficiency. More specific is TRANSFORM about finding the barriers to reach these 20-20-20 targets and enables cities to transform to low carbon cities.

TRANSFORM works with…
A consortium of:

  • Leading European Cities including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Genoa, Hamburg, Vienna and the urban community of Lyon. The cities are committed to strengthen their low-carbon energy agendas – all with ambitious targets to reduce CO2, increase renewables and improve energy efficiency.
  • Energy and grid companies, commercial partners and knowledge partners that support the six cities with quantitative and qualitative support to improve and integrate their current energy strategies and help implement these strategies in the urban context.

 Please find more information on the TRANSFORM program under ‘ABOUT THE PROGRAM’ or in the Folder of TRANSFORM.


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